Welcome to the BHCC, based in East Sussex in the UK.

The BHCC is a thriving photographic society with over 150 members of all ages and from all walks of life, interested in all aspects of photography – from film to digital, from traditional landscapes to contemporary images. Members' photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Our aim is to help photographers improve their image-making, both in terms of art and technique.

New members and visitors are very welcome. You can come and be our guests for a week or two, free of charge, to see if you'd like to join. (N.b. This invitation does not extend to those meetings with an entrance charge - See the diary for details). We look forward to seeing you!

Photographs by BHCC members

Hove Lawns Funfair by Tony  Bowall

Hove Lawns Funfair

Tony Bowall

Arun in flood by Ben  du Boulay

Arun in flood

Ben du Boulay

Untitled (Girl from Mumbai by Heather  Buckley

Untitled (Girl from Mumbai

Heather Buckley

Polo Charge by Juliana  Mulvany

Polo Charge

Juliana Mulvany

Fiskenestindan senja by Norman  Atkinson

Fiskenestindan senja

Norman Atkinson

The Red Bicycle by Paul  Stillman

The Red Bicycle

Paul Stillman

Victoria Palace 2 by Gerry  Nevill

Victoria Palace 2

Gerry Nevill

Charming Geezers by Rod  Orrell

Charming Geezers

Rod Orrell

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