Welcome to the BHCC, based in East Sussex in the UK.

The BHCC is a thriving photographic society with over 150 members of all ages and from all walks of life, interested in all aspects of photography – from film to digital, from traditional landscapes to contemporary images. Members' photographs have been exhibited nationally and internationally.

Our aim is to help photographers improve their image-making, both in terms of art and technique.

New members and visitors are very welcome. You can come and be our guests for a week or two, free of charge, to see if you'd like to join. (N.b. This invitation does not extend to those meetings with an entrance charge - See the diary for details). We look forward to seeing you!

Photographs by BHCC members

Little Bee-Eater by Bob  Webzell

Little Bee-Eater

Bob Webzell
1/800s f/6.3 ISO200 400mm

Morning Fog by Alan  Lake

Morning Fog

Alan Lake
1/100s f/13.0 ISO200 112mm

Barbershop by Wayne  Grundy


Wayne Grundy
1/100s f/8.0 ISO400 15mm

The Pod by Damon  Hart

The Pod

Damon Hart
1/2500s f/2.8 ISO100 52mm

Recently Emerged Six-spot Burnet Moth by Colleen  Slater

Recently Emerged Six-spot Burnet Moth

Colleen Slater
1/100s f/7.1 ISO400 100mm

Night shelter by Nick  Eastham

Night shelter

Nick Eastham
1/0s f/11.0 ISO200 28mm

Six More London by Aileen  Beddison

Six More London

Aileen Beddison
1/30s f/14.0 ISO160 18mm

Market trader, Myanmar by David  Peck

Market trader, Myanmar

David Peck
No EXIF Data

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