1st New Members Group – Welcome

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This evening is for people who have recently joined the Camera Club. We will introduce you to what we do in the New Members Group of the Camera Club and give you a chance to meet other new members. We will also help you begin to share some of your images. To do this, we work in small groups, with existing members of the Club acting as facilitators. You are encouraged to share your thoughts, experiences and hopes about photography and discuss what you want to get out the Camera Club. You are also encouraged to bring some of your own work and talk about it to others in your small group.

Steve Boyle brings the evening together by selecting a range of your images to talk about. He picks out images which represent topics, themes, techniques and approaches and talks us through them. He highlights different aspects of photography and gives you the chance to think about how you might apply some of this to your own work.

For the evening to work effectively we need you to bring a selection – maximum 8 – of your favourite images to share. They need to be PRINTS, because we lay them out on tables and move them around. The prints don’t need to be large – 4×6 is good enough – but bring bigger prints if you want to. Tesco, Boots, Asda are all good places to get prints done quickly and cheaply. There’s also Colourstream in St James’s St and Colourfast in Cheltenham Place.

Why do some club night events show a cost or as free?2019-09-07T18:12:12+01:00

Some high profile photographers and speakers we have, may come at a higher cost. Sometimes this cost cannot be covered by your membership, so we charge a small additional entry fee to cover costs. For more information, look at our help guide. Note that attendance is optional.

This additional fee is payable by all types of members (including trial members) when you arrive for the event, so please pay at registration.

Why is an event different to what was previously advertised?2019-08-08T15:57:20+01:00

Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, an event has to be cancelled at short notice. Unfortunately, BHCC cannot be held responsible for any last minute cancellations but will make every effort to arrange an alternative similar event (if possible) or, if necessary, change the event type and advise all members of any change as soon as is practicable.